Introducing: Virtual Healthcare
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Virtual Healthcare
Through Virtual Healthcare simulations, students will gain an understanding of the day-to-day roles and different types of scenarios that healthcare workers experience. They will practice procedures virtually in a zero-risk environment and gain confidence in their skills prior to entering a clinical setting.
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Dental Assistant is the very first health science simulation in the Virtual Healthcare series from Knowledge Matters. Students will apply the concepts they have learned in class as they progress through this experiential learning journey on their way to becoming a Dental Assistant. In a low-stakes virtual setting, students will gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to strive for high patient satisfaction and quality care, and how to assist with dental procedures.

Within the simulation, time is slowed to allow students the ability to focus on the steps involved with each procedure. They will also enhance their comprehension of communicating effectively, scope of practice, managing infection control, how to handle emergencies, and charting and managing patient notes using the CPIF tool (Clinical Patient Interaction Form).
Virtual Healthcare Dental Screenshot
Virtual Healthcare Dental Screenshot
Virtual Healthcare Dental Screenshot
Key Features
  • Virtual Healthcare takes students out of the abstract and into the reality of a dental office
  • Students gain a better understanding of how to fulfill typical dental assisting expectations, including triage and juggling various duties like office prep, admin, and scheduling
  • Concepts are taught and scaffolded during lessons and students work independently during "Goal Steps" at the end of each lesson
Dental Simulation Screenshot
Lessons Include
  • Operational Tasks
  • Scope of Practice
  • Scheduling
  • Responding to a Medical Emergency
  • Vital Signs and Infection Control
  • Disinfection and Sterilization
  • The Comprehensive Exam
  • Assisting With a Composite Restoration
  • Assisting With a Dental Crown
  • Assisting With a Root Canal Therapy Procedure
  • Assisting With an Extraction
  • Communicating With the Patient
Virtual Healthcare Dental
Offer a Comprehensive and Engaging Dental Assistant CTE Pathway
eDynamic Learning Digital Curriculum and Knowledge Matters Virtual Healthcare Dental Simulation Helping students practice, apply, and prepare for industry certifications.