Provide Opportunities
for Collaboration
Experience Virtual Business
Simulations in a whole new way.
Now more than ever, students need opportunities to interact in social situations - to collaborate, communicate, and practice teamwork.
Interpersonal Skills for College & Career Readiness
 Self-Awareness      Social Awareness      Self-Management
 Responsible Decision-Making      Relationship Skills
With Collaboration Simulations, Students Won't Work Independently.
Run your own team competitions with your class (in-person or remotely) and support interpersonal skills for college and career readiness.
Collaboration Screenshot
How to use
· Capstone Project
· Class Competitions
· VBS Competition Practice
· Station Rotation
· Extra Credit
· Extension Activities
With Collaboration Simulations, Each Student Plays a Role in the Company
· Each team member must take on a different aspect of the business
· Teams must brainstorm, execute, and operate in partnership
· Students must plan their business approach collectively, talk through strategies, and obstacles
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