Get Extra Months Of VB Free - Refer Fellow Teachers

Many new Virtual Business customers find out about our business simulations from fellow teachers. We wanted to reward teachers for these valuable recommendations to fellow teachers, so we created the brand-new Virtual Business Referral Program.

Introducing the Virtual Business Referral Program

Here’s how the program works:

  1. If you’re a current Virtual Business customer, recommend any of the eight Virtual Business simulations to a fellow teacher (please note - it can’t be a teacher in your same school).
  2. When your fellow teacher orders a Virtual Business simulation, they let us know who referred them - by writing your name and school on their purchase order. See sample purchase order referral.
  3. You receive 3 free months added to the current Virtual Business license of your choice.
Share Virtual Business and Reap the Rewards

No need to do anything new. No need to fill out complicated forms. Just talk to your fellow teachers about how your students engage with Virtual Business in your classroom, and those conversations can lead to extra months added to your Virtual Business license.

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