Collaboration Simulations - Entrepreneurship

Brand-new, short, team-based immersive simulations for teaching core Entrepreneurship concepts.

Students using Collaboration Simulations
Peer-to-peer learning as students launch and build an entrepreneurial business together.
Students plan and implement their entrepreneurial skills via live, video streaming.
Visually immersive, game-like interface to engage digital-savvy students.
The next generation of business simulations, Collaboration Simulations - Entrepreneurship, are easily implemented to augment your existing Entrepreneurship course and curriculum. Team-based, collaborative simulations that reinforce core Entrepreneurship concepts and lessons.
Collaboration Screenshot

Collaboration Simulations - Entrepreneurship include:

Live video streaming
students collaborate on business decisions via live video streaming.
students switch control of the simulation back and forth with one another as they strategize and implement a variety of business strategies and tactics.
students have unlimited access to the simulation to test strategies and tactics that won't impact their team score.
each student controls specific functions and roles within the simulation forcing students to focus on coordinated teamwork to launch and grow a successful entreprenurial business.
as teams analyze data within the simulation, they discuss and plan their next entrepreneurial business strategies (via live video).