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The Hospitality Collection of Case Simulations covers all the standard topics in Hotel Management & Lodging Operations courses. Professors are using the collection to digitally update their courses, offer new online courses, and even drop their old textbooks.
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Revamp My Course with a modern digitally-native, simulation-centric curriculum. Ditch that old textbook and enjoy 100% automated grading across my biggest classes.
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Example: Fort Hays State University's professors in the Tourism and Hospitality Management program, were looking for new classroom teaching tools.  ..more..
They wanted to create an interactive experience where students participate in exercises to examine marketing and sales concepts within the hospitality industry. Case Simulations from the Hospitality Collection were fully integrated within their courses' Blackboard shells.
Offer a New Online Course that's truly interactive and beats the boredom of online video lectures and reading. Lighten my workload by having it automatically integrate with our LMS.
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Example: When Florida State University saw Case Simulations, they saw a way to create an online course that was far more exciting for students than the standard video lectures, readings, and quizzes.  ..more..
With a complete, simulation-based course, students remained engaged throughout and course reviews came in highly positive. Hear directly from the professors how they did it.
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Update My Course Digitally with simulation exercises anywhere I want them. And do it with minimal risk and without changing my syllabus or even my textbook.
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Example: Arkansas Tech University (ATU) wanted a teaching tool that would give students a close to real-life experience of managing a hotel.  ..more..
ATU has integrated Case Simulations’ Hospitality Collection simulations with their existing curriculum, and student response has been overwhelmingly positive in how the simulations model real-life hotel management decisions.
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