Hotel Collection
Bring Hotel Management to Life for Your
Students - Remote or in the Classroom
Experiential Learning Curriculum Integrates Seamlessly with Your Lectures to Put Students In Charge of Running Their Own Hotel
How Does It Work
Your students take control of their own hotel via their web browser. With vivid, immersive graphics, your students run and manage their own hotel, learning all the many key decisions of a successful hotel - front desk, room pricing, sales and marketing, and much more.
Revenue Management and Room Pricing
Students learn the connection between room pricing, room demand, overbooking, and more. They discover how room pricing calibrated for demand can lead to profitable bookings.
Operations and Lodging Management
Students master the details of running a hotel that meets customer demands - Front Desk operation, staffing, housekeeping, and much more. As students learn how to balance the many needs of a well-run hotel, guests are happy and positive reviews and bookings increase.
Sales & Marketing Success
Students decipher the most effective marketing strategies to reach potential guests. In addition, they learn the impact of group sales and how to properly bid for profitable group sales.
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Topics covered in the Hotel Collection include:
  • Revenue Management - Basics
  • Revenue Management - Advanced
  • Guest Services - Social Media
  • Sales & Marketing - Marketing ROI
  • Sales & Marketing - Group Sales
  • Operations - Front Office
  • Operations - Housekeeping
  • Operations - Engineering
  • Food & Beverage - Restaurant Basics
  • Food & Beverage - Banquets
  • Hospitality Accounting
  • F&B Manager - Hotel Restaurant Project
  • GM - Limited-Service Hotel Project
  • GM - Full-Service Hotel Project