Management Collection
Bring Management to Life for Your
Students - Remote or in the Classroom
Experiential Learning Curriculum Integrates Seamlessly with Your Lectures to Put Students In Charge of Managing Their Own Growing Business and Learning Human Resources
How Does It Work
Students will take control of their own simulated business via their web browser to make high-level decisions and form the direction of their business growth. With vivid, immersive graphics, students learn the key decisions and fundamentals of scaling and managing a successful business, as well as its employees. In advanced projects, students design factory floors and office environments to maximize output and minimize cost, while also navigating challenges such as -- absent employees, fast workers and slow workers, strikes, accidents, and more.
Human Resources
Students will learn the crucial aspects of building teams and managing people through lessons on recruiting, hiring, employee opinions and supervision, strikes, unions, and collective bargaining.
Operations Management
A key to managing a successful business is learning to adapt to challenges. Students will be in charge of overcoming obstacles in their journey to profitability and scaling their business within the simulation while learning the intricacies of operating a successful business.
Pricing & Sales
Starting with a small facility and expanding to a manufacturing giant involves agility in terms of pricing and sales. Students will discover how the cost of materials translates into sales prices and see the impact of their decisions immediately.
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Topics covered in the Management Collection include:
  • Recruiting, Resumes & Hiring
  • Employee Opinions
  • Employee Supervision
  • Strikes, Unions, & Collective Bargaining
  • Management Mogul
  • Management Accounting
  • Pricing & Sales
  • Operations Management
  • Business Plan Math
  • Risk Management & Insurance