Simulation Experiences For Teaching Marketing

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Structured, Simulation-based, Full Curriculum for Marketing?

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Teamwork, Collaboration, and Communication in Exciting, Sim-based Virtual Worlds?

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Of course we can combine them in a one-of-a-kind marketing curriculum just for you.
Students using Case Simulations

Case Simulation Marketing Collection

Case Simulations are collections of simulation assignments that form the backbone of your curriculum.

The simulations' visually immersive, game-like interface engages students with experiential learning that cements their knowledge of core marketing concepts.
The 4 Ps of marketing - product, price, place, and promotion - come to life in the virtual businesses on the screen.
Fourteen individual modules and two capstone projects offer students a chance to run their own businesses.
Case Simulations can be easily integrated with your existing textbook and lectures.
Students learn by doing. With Case Simulations’ experiential learning, students learn the impact of their many marketing decisions, via reports and sales data and visual cues, on their businesses’ bottom line sales and profitability.
Topics covered in the Marketing Collection include:
  • Intro to Marketing
  • Marketing Ethics
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Research
  • Product
  • Services Marketing
  • Place - Location & Distribution
  • Promotion - Advertising & Analytics
  • Sales
  • Promotion - Social Media & Web Marketing
  • Pricing - Fundamentals
  • Pricing - Yield Management Pricing
  • Marketing VP - Retail Project
  • Marketing VP - Sports & Ent. Project
Students using Collaboration Simulations

Collaboration Simulations – Marketing

The brand-new Collaboration Simulations are the next generation of business simulation experiences.

As students work together in teams - discussing, planning, and revamping their marketing strategies via live video streaming - true peer-to-peer learning takes place. If one student struggles to understand the sim or the business concept, his teammates can readily help to explain and teach.

Collaboration Simulations are ideal for short, team-based learning experiences and competitions interweaved with your existing curriculum (or combined with the Case Simulations curriculum offering).

The sim ranks all teams and tracks each student's participation metrics making for easy grading and scoring.

Students learn 21st Century business skills - teamwork, collaboration, communication across geographically dispersed teams - as they work together to achieve marketing and business success in the simulation.

Collaboration Simulations–Marketing includes:

Live video streaming
students collaborate on marketing decisions via live video streaming.
students switch control of the simulation back and forth with one another as they strategize and implement a variety of marketing strategies and tactics.
students have unlimited access to the simulation to test strategies and tactics that won't impact their team score.
each student controls specific functions and roles within the simulation forcing students to focus on coordinated teamwork to design a successful marketing strategy.
as teams analyze data of marketing success within the simulation, they discuss and plan their next marketing strategies (via live video).
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Case Simulations / Collaboration Simulations Combined

You can use either the Case Simulations Marketing Collection or Collaboration Simulations separately with your students depending on your instructional needs.
However, the simulation offerings can also be combined. A full simulation curriculum plus Collaboration Simulations for team-based competitions and peer-to-peer learning.