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The Marketing Collection of case simulations covers all the standard topics in a Principles of Marketing course. Professors are using the collection to digitally update their courses, offer new online courses, and even drop their old textbooks.
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Revamp My Course with a modern digitally-native, simulation-centric curriculum. Ditch that old textbook and enjoy 100% automated grading across my biggest classes.
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Example: Delgado Community College wanted to move away from their old McGraw-Hill textbook for their Principles of Markeing course.  ..more..
Their goals were to decrease cost while increasing student interest, engagement, and interaction. They chose Case Simulations as their new curriculum and have successfully deployed to over 500 students across two semesters.
Offer a New Online Course that's truly interactive and beats the boredom of online video lectures and reading. Lighten my workload by having it automatically integrate with our LMS.
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Example: St. Michael’s College adopted sims from the Marketing Collection for an online course with students across the country.  ..more..
Despite the professor’s initial reservations about not being able to discuss the simulations face-to-face with students, Case Simulations proved to be an ideal online teaching tool.
Update My Course Digitally with simulation exercises anywhere I want them. And do it with minimal risk and without changing my syllabus or even my textbook.
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Example: Endicott College, a leader in applied learning and internships, wanted a way to make their Business 200 - Marketing course "less dry and more real world."  ..more..
They saw the Case Simulation technology as a logical solution. Endicott has used Case Simulations with over 250 students, embedded in their Canvas LMS, and plans to expand their use across the curriculum.
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