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Sports Management Collection
Transform your classes today with the brand-new Sports Management collection of Case Simulations. These interactive, visually immersive simulations bring your teaching concepts to life for your students.
Sports Management Screenshot
Sports Management Screenshot
Sports Management Screenshot
Case Simulations Bring Sports Management
to life for your Digitally-Native Students
You teach Sports Management, and you've developed your syllabus, curriculum, and lectures to teach the core concepts of managing a successful sports franchise. Now, you can super power your course with vivid, interactive sports management simulations designed for your students who have grown up with screens, smartphones, and apps.
How professors are using Case Simulations
Traditional Classroom
  • To revamp a course with a modern digitally-native, simulation-centric curriculum. Case Simulations are extremely flexible and can be used as in-class assignments, homework, team-based projects, or more.
Online Classes
  • To easily offer a new online course that's truly interactive and beats static online video lectures and reading. Lighten workload by having it automatically integrate with an LMS.
Case Simulations' Sports Management collection offers you
  • Interactive, visually engaging simulations - these brand-new simulations model how a sports stadium works. Students see the results of their real-world business decisions as they manage the business of sports.
  • Flexibility - Case Simulations can be integrated into your course in multiple ways - in-class assignments to reinforce your lectures, homework assignments, group projects.
  • Rigorous pedagogy - Don't mistake the engaging visuals as mere "games." Case Simulations are built atop algorithms and models of how sports businesses work.
  • Automatic grading - Save yourself valuable time with Case Simulations automatic grading.
  • Turn-Key Online Class Curriculum - Expand your online classes beyond video lectures or PDF readings. Case Simulations can be used as a complete online class curriculum.
  • Team projects - Teams of students can work on the two GM-projects, and students can learn from working with each other.
  • LMS integration - Fully integrated with the leading collegiate learning management systems Moodle, Canvas, or Blackboard.
Meet the Sports Management Collection
The Sports Management Collection features twelve individual simulations and two GM projects to teach all the fundamentals of Sports Management.
Ticket Pricing video
Ticket Pricing
Students work as the pricing manager for a sports team. Using their knowledge of ticket pricing learned via the sim, students work to meet a specific profit goal.
Advanced Pricing Strategies video
Advanced Pricing Strategies
Students work as the pricing manager for a sports team as they learn variable pricing and dynamic pricing.
Event Security, Ingress & Egress video
Event Security, Ingress & Egress
Students learn about getting fans into and out of a stadium efficiently and safely, as well as security staffing inside the stadium.
Parking & Revenue video
Parking & Revenue
Students learn about the management and pricing of parking for a sports stadium.
Concessions video
Students learn about how a successful concessions strategy contributes to profits for a sports team and stadium.
Concessions - Capital Spending video
Concessions - Capital Spending
Students study the financials behind a successful stadium concessions business, including the decisions behind spending money to build concession stands.
Sponsorships video
Students learn how sponsorships are a vital source of revenue for a sports team. Sponsorships availabe to sell in the simulation, include: Field Signs, Sky Boxes, Stadium Naming rights, and more.
Promotion - Media & Measurement video
Promotion - Media & Measurement
Students learn how promoting and advertising a sports franchise is one of the keys to a profitable and successful team. Students also learn the impact of advertising on game day attendance and profits.
Social Media Advertising video
Social Media Advertising
Students learn how social media advertising and promotion can boost fan attendance at games and increase profits.
Television & Ticket Sales video
Television & Ticket Sales
Students learn all the key decisions that go into selling television rights for sports events - which networks are interested, which networks have schedule availablity, and which network is offering the highest deal.
Player Management video
Player Management
Students learn the process for evaluating player perfomance and how to hire or fire players - all to improve the team's on field perfomrance.
Ethics in Sports Management video
Ethics in Sports Management
Students learn the ethics involved in sports management - specifically dealing with players with ethically dubious off-the-field issues.
GM - Sports Franchise video
GM - Sports Franchise
In this 3-4 hour capstone project, students learn the complex series of decisions faced by the General Manager of a sports franchise,
GM - Advanced Sports Franchise video
GM - Advanced Sports Franchise
In this 3-4 hour capstone project, students take over all the business decisions involved in running a successful sports franchise.