Videos - Everything A Teacher Needs To Know To Get Virtual Business Up and Running For Their Classroom

Since we launched our first simulation in 1997, we strive to make our Virtual Business simulations easy-to-use in any high school classroom. However, there are definitely options and flexibility in how teachers implement Virtual Business.

In the videos below, we’ve tried to cover many of the questions we receive from teachers who are setting up Virtual Business for their classrooms. If you have a question that isn’t answered in these videos, you can always contact Virtual Business support.

Assign A Grade

Change a Course End Date

Manage Student Logins

Reset Student Passwords and Remove Students From A Class

Control Quiz Options

Transfer Students From One Virtual Business Course To Another

Set a Minimum Grade Requirement

Assign Teams and Team Scoreboards Options

Add A New Course

Activate and Deactivate Assignments

Reset A Quiz Or Assignment

Set Assignment Due Dates and Grant Due Date Extensions

Enable or Disable Optional Reading Assignments or Quizzes

Completing Lessons Out of Order

How to Control Sim Options

Configure and/or Reorder Assignments

Jeff Rutherford